Beatriz Medical Care Game Overview

In  this Beatriz Medical Care girls game as the Beatriz seem to be very nervous and sick, therefore, she is needed to have the immediate medical attention before her health going to be more crucial one. Appearing to be in high fever in this girls game online, the first important medical attention offered to the Beatriz is of clearing off the sweat from her forehead and face by using the towel. Playing, this doctor?s game online after clearing off the perspiration, the, next you should look at is the heart beat of the cute girl that is to be found so soothing and normal. A good indication showcasing that there is nothing serious to take care off in this online game for the girls.

The next medication to be attended is about measuring the temperature of the girl with the help of thermometer that is too normal, indicating, there is nothing more to be worried and cared of about. While playing the Beatriz Medical Care game online the next important task to be achieved is removing scar from the face by applying the cream and cotton on the face and the next important medication is applying eye drop into the eyes of the girl for better and robust eyesight.

For the scar mark on the neck, the treatment is by applying skin lotion and cotton on the body. As she is hail and healthy in the doctor games online, the next you are required to dress her up in style.


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