Allegras Beauty Care Game Overview

Allegras Beauty Care is the doctor game for the girls, where you act as skin doctor, a dermatologist gives full skin treatment to the Allegras as a Beauty Care Specialist. In the girl game online, there are many steps of offering beauty care to the Allegras. In transforming the entire makeup of Allegras, the first step is skin care and the next important step is dress up.

As the face of the Allegras has become so bad due to its sales job, there are burn marks, wrinkles, scratches all over her face she even not require a touch from the outside, but at the same time even healing from the other side as well too.

First of nails are to be remove from her face, that is a but pain staking task and in the next step the burn marks by applying different types of medication are to be removed. With using icepacks some blisters due to heat too are to be used and removed out there.

The most essential part of Allegras Beauty Care game is the injection that is to be given to the Allegras to remove allergy completely from her body. After getting the healing serum you won?t be able of recognize her.


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