Alice The Chase


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Alice The Chase Game Overview

In this role playing bike racing game you as a biker have to pass through the wasteland that is lived by all sorts of thugs and scoundrels. Alice working as a courier for the last remaining good souls of the Earth in this free online bike racing games crosses the wasteland with important documents. However, she is chased by some of the most heinous of the criminals of wasteland equipped with weapons to kill and rob her of the valuables with her.

As, she has been chased by goons in this online racing game is not a weaker soul any way. She has also revolver with her to take on the rogues chasing her. By the mouse clicking on the turf of the game or pressing space bar you can fire back and kill chasing roughs in this play online racing games. For killing a goon, she gets a point that can be used later on upgrading guns, buying bullets and updating her bikes technology.

To help her in Alice The Chase, online racing game of bike chasing the entire information for playing the game is provided on the screen of the game, whether, it is the number of bullets remaining in the game or the distance covered by the Alice. The controls in the game are mostly done by arrow keys.


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